5 Online Dating Safety Advice For Singles (Must Read)

Important Online Dating Safety Advice

5 Surprising But Important Online Dating Safety Advice

This online dating safety advice is given because people have never been more concerned about keeping their personal information private.  Partly, thanks to the revelations from Edward Snowden and the reality of the National Security Agency.  People are rethinking what sharing, storing, and sending private information online really means.

When it comes to online dating in particular, the line between the public and the private can get blurred.  It should be navigated carefully.  The reality of the situation is that the idiom it’s better to be safe than sorry holds true.  It carries a lot of weight for you because of sharing personal information online is cause of concern.

There’s plenty of online dating safety advice and other online dating safety tips being published by dating sites. Such as, never giving people your financial information and always arranging a public first date.  There are some things that everyone trying to find love online should do that aren’t so commonly known.  Here’s a look at five of those important pieces of online dating safety advice.

Create an Email Address Specifically for Online Dating

If someone knows your name and the city that you live in, they can run that information through websites, such as, PeopleFinder or White Pages.  They can instantly learn your home address and other personal information.  One of our online dating safety advice would be to use a separate email address.  Make sure that it doesn’t include your name.

Also Use Alternate Phone Numbers

There are plenty of sites out there that can tell someone lots of personal information with just a phone number.

Using an alternate number limits the amount of personal information available online to help you to sleep better at night.  Also, offering extra protection against unwanted contact from someone you meet online.  Such as, a suggestive text in the middle of a work meeting.

MyAKA is a great service that provides users with a second phone number that can be accessed from their home and mobile phones.  It provides customers with the ability to text, call, and receive calls with an alternate phone number provided by MyAKA.

MyAKA is offered as a management tool.  It allows users to block and unblock members from contacting them. It also comes with a “do not disturb” feature so you’re never sent something at a time that you don’t want to receive it.  Giving out a number that you’re in control of provides users with peace of mind.

Giving out your home phone number to someone isn’t just invasive, it can be downright dangerous because of how easily someone can learn your home address – if not more – based on just your phone number.  Using alternate numbers is a great way to keep yourself safe.

Be Photo Savvy

Online Dating Safety AdviceAn online dating safety advice tip is that if you’re going to share photos on a dating site – and you will – then give them generic names such as “photo” before uploading them.  Don’t put your first or last name in the filename of the photo because it will reveal your identity before you’re comfortable giving it out to someone that you connect with.

It’s also good to choose a picture that has a generic background.  Don’t upload photos that show your house and street number, and also avoid uploading photos that show distinctive details about your hometown.

Be Careful When Logging On From Public Places like Coffee Shops

As more and more people use a public network, the chances someone will be able to breach your online security.  If you’re using a dating site that doesn’t have standard Web encryption HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) then you should download an addon such as HTTPS Everywhere to keep your online communications safe from hackers.

Be Responsible for Your own Online Security and Don’t Expect the Dating Site to Handle it for you

Even though a dating website will have some protective measures to keep users and their information safe, such as not asking for your phone number (there’s no risk of information they don’t have being stolen), it’s still up to users to keep themselves safe at the end of the day.

One of the key goals of MyAKA was to increase awareness that the information we share online is rarely as safe as we think it is.  This is why MyAKA teamed up with nonprofit organization Break The Cycle, who work to bring an end to violence and abuse in dating for teenagers.  They want to work together to educate the online daters of the future.

It is up to individual users to ensure that they stay safe while online dating.  Regarding this, our online dating safety advice would be that if there’s a photo of you that you wouldn’t want your friends or family to see, then you shouldn’t send it to someone until you can trust them.

The reality of the situation is that online trust is very superficial.  You can only really trust someone once you know them “offline”.

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