Locations for Central Florida Singles

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Offices Located Conveniently Throughout Central Florida

Why Local Offices

We are a professional matchmaking service that introduces Central Florida singles to other great and wonderful singles within the local area.

We have physical locations for Central Florida Singles to come in and meet with a matchmaker.  It’s a fun and easy process to become a member and meet other great singles in Central Florida.

How Are We Different Than Online Dating

We are not anything like online dating sites.  We meet with every member individually.  We really get to know our members personally.  We learn about what it is they truly want out of a relationship.  In our initial interview, we go through their previous dating history, their likes, dislikes, what they are looking to stay away from, and the type of person the ideally want to meet.

Singles in Central Florida that meet with our matchmakers first have to go through a vetting process during our initial consultation.  We verify each single is in fact legally singles and are who they say they are.  We run a background check on every member to ensure they aren’t a felon, sexual predator, or involved in any violent crimes.

We have processes in place to ensure that the people we introduce you to are not misrepresenting themselves.  We do everything in our power to make sure we provide a safe dating environment for each one of members.

Meeting Central Florida Singles

Servicing Singles in Central Florida

All Central Florida singles only need to come one time.  After that, everything is done over the phone or by email.

Of course, you are welcome to come in anytime.  We correspond with our members frequently.  It’s always needs seeing our members from time to time.  Stop in to discuss anything.  Whether it’s about your membership or just to say hi.

We take our work seriously and strive to service our members to the best of our ability.  Now, we don’t have a perfect system.  However, it is a successful system.  Dating is a process and if you give us the opportunity, we just might surprise you.

We service all singles in Central Florida and the surrounding areas.  Our offices are located conveniently for singles who are within the Greater Orlando or Space Coast regions.

The offices are easy to get to and centrally located in Orlando and Melbourne FL.